Loyalty Card Holders Terms & Conditions
of Promotion as at 9 October 2019


  • When registering for the loyalty scheme, person’s must indicate that they are over 18 to receive certain drinks promotions & discounts. Persons may still be asked for proof of age as per the Manx licensing laws, all conditions and acceptable forms of Identification still apply. Service will be refused to anyone who it appears, or cannot prove they are 18 years of age.
  • The company reserve the right to alter / change / the promotion at any time for whatever reason. The company reserve the right to refuse service for any reason / or deny discounts or promotions to any person or group for any reason whatsoever, should the company feel there is sufficient reason too, or that the promotion has been abused in anyway.
  • None of the promotions on the loyalty cards will run during the following dates every year; ISLE OF MAN T.T. FORTNIGHT, MANX GRAND PRIX / FESTIVAL OF MOTOR SPORT FORTNIGHT, DECEMBER 1st – 31st
  • The company holds the final decision on any dispute whatsoever.
  • The card MUST be registered to receive this promotion
  • The customer MUST hand over their card to the server to receive the promotion
  • Any customer who has forgotten their card on the day, cannot ask for the discount another time when producing the card at a later date (i.e. the card must be given at the time – and the discount will only be given on the day.
  • Any customer who has forgotten their card, if they are entitled to some sort of free product whatsoever, cannot claim the prize until their card has been shown
  • Only one promotion can be redeemed at any one time, this is purely because the till system cannot do more than one promotion discount per bill.
  • The promotions are available at both Jaks Bar & Steak House, and the Barbary Coast Grill & Bar only, and no other venues whatsoever.
  • Redeeming any promotion/prize can be done at both venues as above also, and no other venues whatsoever.
  • Not in conjunction with any other promotion on food or drinks in Jaks or the Barbary Coast.



  • On handing in your card, you will receive a 5% deduction on any bill/transaction. Whether for one item, or a full bill.
  • The 5% discount applies to both food and drinks
  • The discount applies to snacks and hot drinks also



  • On the 1st Day of every month, the customer will receive a ‘prize’ to their loyalty card of a free drink
  • The free drink will only activate when purchasing something else, you cannot claim the free drink without purchasing another item.
  • This prize will last until the last day of that month, and will then disappear from their card.
  • Once the prize has disappeared, it cannot be asked for/ and will not be redeemable again in any way whatsoever.
  • The monthly free drink will be decided by the company
  • The monthly prize can only be redeemed once, and the card will clearly tell the serving staff if it has been redeemed already.
  • The monthly free drink cannot be requested by the customer to be changed for any other drink whatsoever
  • All customers receive the same free drink
  • No customer can ask to exchange the free drink for something else, this is not allowed at all, ever.
  • Should the free drink usually be accompanied with some kind of mixer, it will only be the free drink that the customer receives for free, the mixer will have to be paid for as usual.
  • Only the Size/measure/or brand that is stated on the free drink – is what can be redeemed. Some examples;
  • If the free drink is a pint of Carling – the customer cannot request 2 seperate half pints and different times.
  • If the free drink is a Smirnoff Vodka, the customer cannot ask for a double, nor can they ask for a grey goose instead.
  • If the free drink is a pint of Okells Bitter, the customer cannot ask for a pint of Carling instead.
  • As per rules above, there will be no free drink offered in December



  • This can be only a bottle of HOUSE red, rose or white as per the Jaks and Barbary Coast wine menus, and no other wines from the menu.
  • The promotion will activate 1 week before the person’s birthday, and will disappear 1 week after the person’s birthday.
  • The promotion will only activate when purchasing another item, and cannot be redeemed just on it’s own.
  • The promotion can only be redeemed once, and will clearly show the server if it has already been redeemed.
  • The bottle cannot be taken away as a offsale.
  • Should the bottle be shared between others, all rules of proof of age apply as above.
  • As per the rules above, should the persons birthday fall in Manx grand prix fortnight / TT fortnight / or December 1st – 31st, the promotion will be disabled on out till system. Therefore the customer must ask for the manager, and have photo identification to prove that it is within the one week before or after their birthday to receive the free prize. Please be aware that if they cannot prove it’s their birthday WITHOUT PHOTO I.D. they may not receive their free wine prize.



  • This will not be in conjuction with any other offer/discount already applied. The discount will be given at the shop in Anagh Coar ONLY.